Our services focus on workshops, research, training, media advocacy and mental health community support

Whats Involved

Workshops: Our tailored workshops explore mental health and mental strength through an intersectional lense we take the approach of exploring the themes of faith, masculinity and identity with our work with disadvantaged communities. These three factors were identified with the inception of TDM as foundational components to our work in which we always focus on delivering long term impact. Read more within our Media

Training: Our training is culturally intelligent and used to train organisations on issues relating to mental health, race equality and cultural education so they are able to apply these teachings internally and beyond to the communities they are working with and for.

Media Advocacy: We use our media platform to advocate for better mental health public education and information so that the national populace is better informed relating to the complexity of mental health, we anticipate this social stigma will be dealt with in four generations and utilise this tool as a way of helping to shape public narrative and understanding.

Lectures/Talks: We have delivered/deliver lectures and talks locally, nationally and internationally on a variety of issues surrounding mental health, feminism, masculinity,faith, identity, SDG education, and more.

Research: Our going research develops on areas of mental health  which currently are being overlooked these are fed in to key stakeholder departments and internal use for our developing community support, Our research is public open access and is available to be built upon by us and others to develop long term practical support for communities which need them.

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